More than just a lock !

from operator for operator !

Our Boxtronic sensors detect...


Boxtronic detect sudden rise in temperature (fire and smoke)


Boxtronic detects all movement in your box


Boxtronic detect mice, moths and others


Boxtronic detect creeping or sudden increases in humidity. From now don’t worry about unexpected dampness and mold.

Choose your product

Boxtronic offers you different solutions. Firstly for full automated facilities and secondly a solution for all the self storage problems in the present time. The Boxtronic sensors are cloud based and have an AI, so we can find your personal Self Storage solution.


perfect solution for Half/full automated facilities

  • different addons for new built
  • retro fit solutions suitable to custom locks


the boxtronic sensors protect your invest
(in construction)

  • temperature for fire protection
  • humidity against mold
  • Vermin activity (mice, moths)
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