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Fritzlager has been established in 2018 as a classical Self Storage company. Since we have implemented the solutions from Boxtronic, our revenue has significantly increased, we were able to prevent 1 fire and 1 leaking pipe. 
See here a live demostration of Boxtronic's online booking solution.


Self Storage Systeme Hans Bos

We are currently building our latest facility. It will be equipped with the technology of Boxtronic, in particular the digital locks and sensors together with the online booking solution. 


Zeitlager City

Zeitlager City is a modern self storage facility of "the future". This facility, 200sqm, is the first-of-its-kind where the entire shop is unmanned and the processes are automated.

Located 50m away from Munich Central Train Station.

In 3 steps the client has access to their own locker.

1. Go to, select the location, select the preferred start- and end-time, or select reserve upfront, select the size of locker, enter only the email address and pay online.

2. After successful payment the client immediately receives their login data and has to download the oKey App (app on mobile device which functions as a key to the facility and locker) and logs in with their login data.

3. The client now has 24/7 access.

Below is a video demonstrating the autonomous facility in action.


Below are real-life bookings for reference

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