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M100 Sensor

For comprehensive monitoring of your storage facility, we recommend the Boxtronic ® Mark 100. The Device offers the following services as standard:
• Interface for connecting electronic locks (12V motorized lock
or magnetic lock), including contacts for recognizing the lock open/closed, as well as detecting if the compartment door is open/closed
• Alternatively, digital battery-operated padlocks can also be controlled 

• Interface for connecting various active or passive sensors and actuators, either directly integrated in the Boxtronic ® device (Boxtronic ® M 100)
• Optional expansion of the Boxtronic ® device for connecting up to 4 multi sensor modules
• Connection of the Boxtronic ® device to the local network via WiFi (standard), or over ethernet
• Integrated, hardware-based Secure Element according to current security standards protection of the entire device communication
Active device monitoring (cloud-based) and software updates (security updates and function extensions)

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