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Padlock PS Bluetooth Indoor

These digital locks can be installed very easily without any wiring and offer you a smart solution for partial or full automation of your branch. For an existing branch these locks are a perfect retrofit solution. The locks are designed to attach to traditional self storage locking latches. Enabling a smart entry. You can open the Padlocks with our okey app available in the Android PlayStore and IOS App Store, free of charge. 

You have the option to set various authorizations in the Boxtronic ® Cloud, and have the ability to decide who has a "central key (master PIN on app)" for the compartments, to open the locks in an emergency.

If you don't want the manager access, we can set this up for you. In this case you have
only the possibility to open free compartments. Your compartments are thus always closed and thus unauthorised persons never get access. 

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