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Fully automated Self Storage facility in the center of Munich

Zeitlager City is a modern self storage facility of "the future". This facility, 200sqm, is the first-of-its-kind where the entire shop is unmanned and the processes automated. Sizes range from a size S locker (25 x 44 x 56 cm) to a XL size locker (98 x 59 x 56 cm). 

Online booking combined with automated access. 

Rental starts per hour as opposed per week or month!

Flexible rentals in inner city locations. This facility is located 50m away from Munich Central Train Station.

Franchise opportunity:

ZeitLager City will be a franchise company. Our pipeline of partners is currently planning with another 5 facilities. But the horizon does not stop there. We are constantly looking to further expand our partner network.

Concretely what is needed to work with us:

  • High-traffic inner-city location, such as a shopping mall, central train station, central square, lcoker-in-hotel etc.

  • Size: starting at just 50 sqm. up to 200+ sqm.

  • Ready-to-go SEO optimization. 

  • Building time: a 50 sqm facility can be build up within a day with 4 men. So per 50 sqm; 1 day build time is needed. The lockers arrive assembled on pallets.

  • Optional; the facility can be equipped with sensor technology and cameras to monitor all variables remotely.

  • Lockers can be rented or bought from us.

  • Flexible and quick installation; meaning a facility at a top location for a shorter period of time, is worth it.

  • Future planned implementations: click-and-collect feature and DHL collaboration.

  • Contact us below or send an email to:

Made and tested in Germany

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