Why you should use the automated access control system from Boxtronic:

The Self Storage industry is growing and it’s more and more difficult to find suitable real estate. This will limit your choice of property size if you are still dependent on employees. Automate your facilities and make yourself independent of employees. This gives you a wider choice of properties and allows you to continue growing your company at a faster ROI. You can also partially automate large facilities and fully automate small facilities. With Boxtronic you are absolutely flexible.
Save money through automated processes. You can reduce personnel costs by fully or partially automating your facility. You also have the option of renting out boxes to your customers 24/7 and providing 24/7 contactless access.

Trust is good, control is better

Thanks to the documentation from Boxtronic, the controls against illegal rental of the storage compartments have come to an end. This saves resources that you can use more wisely.

Electronic locks

With these locks, an automated rental process can be guaranteed. From the central key for emergencies to blocking for non-payers, Boxtronic has included the most important operational self-storage processes in its overall solution.

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